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💫 Do you KNOW you're meant to make an impact on the world and receive money abundantly for the positive effect you've had on so many?

💫 Or worse, do you feel guilty (like I did) for not fully appreciating the life you've built because you've come so far but you still feel like there's more out there for you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are in the right place.  I invite you to:

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This training will awaken power that may have been dormant in you for YEARS.  Proceed ONLY if you're ready to awaken your True Soul Power, Align with your purpose, and ultimately unlock the prosperity, wealth freedom and fulfillment that is your birthright. 

To the spiritual entrepreneur who

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EASILY uncover exactly what is standing in the way of your goals?💡

  • Like the goal of someday buying that mansion on the beach in Malibu
  • Or travel the world visiting the rolling hills of Ireland
  • Or blessing your family with the generational wealth you've built
  • (You know...to help you achieve those kinds of goals)

Have the tools you need to release these blocks with ease?🔨

  • Like how to release the fear that you're secretly somehow not worthy of the life you've built and therefore you'll eventually lose it all
  • Or maybe you want to get rid of the thought that you aren't really deserving of your desires no matter how many times you use the affirmation "I am worthy" repeatedly
  • Or maybe you want to get rid of that little belief in the back of your head that says "It's not really possible to be successful without working hard, grinding and sacrifice!!"
  • Or possibly you have the thought of "Who am I to make lots of money? What makes me so special?" and you desperately want to finally feel congruent with the unique, special and amazing soul you know deep down that you are
  • Yeah, it's those blocks that need to go.

Know exactly where you're going in life and have a crystal clear path to get there?📝

  • Like.. you actually create a realistic and aligned plan that is RIGHT FOR YOU (not just following the path that someone tells you to follow) to reach the goals you know deep down are possible for you.
  • You have a guide to map out step by step how you can actually make this happen according to your own design.

Know exactly what action steps to take that are aligned with YOUR Higher Self 🧚(not just what the "gurus" tell you they did)?

  • Instead of forcing yourself to "do all of the things" even though it feels completely misaligned energetically
  • Instead of procrastinating and telling yourself you'll work on the important tasks in your business "tomorrow" only for tomorrow to never come.
  • Instead of moving just to move (goodbye hamster wheel)🐹, and start doing the needle moving activities only so that you can avoid burnout and actually see progress towards your goals?

Know how to train your nervous system to feel fully safe in your expansion🤗 so you can protect your growth from self sabotage?

  • This will prevent you from things like:
  • The time you got an AMAZING idea for a new biz but talked yourself out of it bc it seemed "too hard" or "too big" for lil ol' you
  • Or the time you picked a fight with your spouse when everything was actually going good and you weren't sure why you did it? (hello nervous system, we see you👀)
  • Or the time you got so excited about a large amount of money hitting your bank account because "this is all you needed to get back on track" only to spend it as fast as it came in?
  • Or the time you said you were going to start eating "healthy" again only to down a package of Oreos exactly 12 hours later
  • You get the picture.  And, yes, I'm talking about protecting yourself from that level of self sabotage.

That is EXACTLY what's possible for you when you learn how to use The A.L.I.G.N. Method™️ and begin living your Soul Powered™️ life. 

You can learn how inside of my signature program "The Soul Powered™️ Portal Bundle" which is a bundle of my most potent trainings on EXACTLY how to access your Soul Power and begin unlocking all of your heart's desires.  This bundle is the Ultimate Guide for achieving your goals.  And today, I'm giving you a peek inside of this portal by giving you access to the first training in the bundle...FOR FREE. ($497 value)🤯

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For the first time EVER (and limited time only), I have decided to make the FIRST WHOLE TRAINING ($497 VALUE) of my signature course "The Soul Powered™️ Portal Bundle" COMPLETELY FREE🤯. 

This training is called "The A.L.I.G.N. Method™️ Alchemy" Training as it is the foundation of learning how to live a Soul Powered lifestyle and ultimately unlocking all of your heart's desires.  And today I'm granting you access FOR FREE.

Why, you ask?  Because I know how much this work has helped me live a life beyond my wildest dreams, and I want to help you do the same. 

Lauren, Founder of Favorite Day Cleaning Company

"I found myself getting that abundance. Abundance is all around me!"

Rebekah is the real deal! She knows how to unzip your soul, reach in, and makes you realize that life is really amazing!

Jess, Founder of The Wholistic Picture

"I have just been noticing myself being more free about how I feel about money!

I absolutely loved working with Rebekah even beyond the Money Mindset stuff, there were so many things that came through to me."

Hey there, I'm Rebekah

I’m a Master Mindset and High Performance coach with 15+ years experience helping others reach their financial goals (so, yes, I know a thing or 2 about making money😉).  I am living a life beyond my wildest dreams, doing what I love for a living (working less and making more $ than ever), and married to the love of my life.  Oh, and I have an AMAZING relationship with my 16 year old daughter.  No kidding, we are best friends. (And yes, in case you're wondering, this IS my biggest accomplishment to date🤣).
BUT…. things weren't always this way.
Once upon a time I was:
  • Living below the poverty line with my 6 siblings and my single mom barely getting by
  • A single and broke 18 year with a brand new baby with no clue how I would provide for her
  • On government assistance
  • Depressed, dejection and lost
  • Burned out and ready to give up
I felt that I would never live up to anything of value (even though I knew deep down there HAD TO BE more to life). 
This cycle continued UNTIL
My mentor walked into my life.  He saw more in me than I saw in myself and helped me get on the path to recognizing my power, my true Soul Power™. And that’s when EVERYTHING changed.
Since then, I have been able to achieve almost every goal I have ever set for myself and I continue to manifest my wildest dreams every single day.  I get to wake up every day and decide how long I want to meditate, hang out with my crystal collection or walk my 2 fur babies. 🐶  It all started with an amazing mentor helping me see what was possible for me when I truly awakened my power.
I know first hand how powerful a mentor can be, and because of that, I want to be that person for you. 
I believe that your Higher Self is also calling you to awaken to your Soul Power which is the ultimate way to unlock the prosperity, wealth, freedom and fulfillment that is your birthright.
I have the proven process to help get you there.  I'm inviting you to join me if it feels aligned.

Learn how conscious entrepreneurs are using energetic decisions to blow past their limitations and achieve their wildest dreams. 


Your Higher Self is inviting you to...


What do you get inside of The A.L.I.G.N. Method™️ Alchemy Training?

In this on demand training, you will learn:

  • How to figure out exactly what's blocking you from your dream life
  • How to let those blocks go so that you can actually achieve your goals
  • How to identify the Highest Version of You so that you can begin to embody her immediately
  • How to get into Inspired Action and get TF off of the hamster wheel (so that you can avoid burnout!)
  • How to Normalize & Stabilize this New You so that you can protect from self sabotage and nervous system overload

Your Higher Self is inviting you to take the next step and begin living your Soul Powered™️ lifestyle TODAY.  All you have to do is open the portal...will you answer the call?

I'm ready to Open the Portal Now