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Part 2 of my story - Overcoming adversity, setting 6 figure monthly goals and where I am today


You're listening to the Elevate U with Rebekah Podcast. I am so happy you're here because that means that you are about to start elevating your life in ways you never imagined. I am your host, Rebekah Kiger. I'm a mastermind set and high performance coach, as well as a financial advisor of over a decade. I've been studying the differences between successful and unsuccessful people for all these years. And I'm going to be diving into all of the things on this journey together. This podcast is a combination of mindset, spirituality, strategy and encouragement that will have you reaching new heights in no time. If you're looking to elevate your finances, relationships, mindset and health, then this podcast is for you. I'm going to show you all the ways to master your mind so you can create the life that you desire. Because once you learn how to do that, truly Anything is possible for you. Hey there, and welcome back to episode number two of the elevate you podcast. Today, we are going to dive in to finishing my story to get you guys caught up as to where I am today. We left off from Episode One, when I met my mentor when things started shifting for me, and things started going in the right direction. So we're gonna start from there on a dive deeper into where I am today so that you guys have an understanding of what is it that I do in the world? How am I helping people and how am I qualified to even be here? And really what got started, what got me started on this journey.


Okay, so let's just dive right in, where we left off. So I had mentioned to you guys that I met my mentor, we sat down, we set SMART goals I hit my first six figure year was amazing. And that was really my first ever actual physical representation of what manifestation looked like. And I use manifestation in my life right now. All of the time, okay. And my opinion of what manifestation is, is something that was once in my mind, the now I've held in my hand, okay, so manifestation is just the process of having something that is not physical, that you can focus your attention on release attachments to and then finally hold in your hand, okay, with enough time with enough alignment with enough surrendering, whatever it is, and we'll dive into that in future episodes as well. So that was my first real understanding of what manifestation actually looked like. So I can actually say that I want something, and then created into my reality. So that was a really powerful shift for me massive, massive shift for me in the growth journey that I started on. So it wasn't too long thereafter, probably a couple of years of me just going as hard as I possibly could in his financial advising role. I was so excited once I realized that it was possible for me to create whatever reality I wanted. But I went really hard. And I was the one of the top producers for many years to come after that. Because I just I knew that it was possible for me. So I, I created it each and every year. But it wasn't a few years later that the banking industry still had some of the residual effects of 2008, meaning there was still some financial crisis in these areas of the banking and financial world, there were still some things that were kind of playing catch up. And so the bank that I was working for at the time, was going to be bought out again. And this became like this vicious cycle. I think I worked for five different banks in my career, not by choice. You know, there were a bunch of times that I think three times I went through a merger or acquisition of some sort. And so that becomes, you know, pretty, pretty stressful on the clients pretty stressful on on you as the advisor, all of the above. And so it was around this time when my mentor and I decided to part ways because we had worked together we had worked right alongside one another until this point, and things were amazing. That's when I was able to really hold myself accountable, really have that cultivation of excellence and through that relationship through that mentorship. And things shifted so much for me from a personal development standpoint during our time together. So it was around that time a few years later that we decided to part ways and so my mentor went off and started his own investment firm. And I went off to another bank at the time I wasn't ready to go off and just kind of start from scratch. still had my daughter at the time. And you know, by this time I was with, I was in a new relationship. But I wasn't in a place where I was ready to go off and completely, just go onto my own and follow my mentor. So I went off to another bank and thinking that the grass would be greener on the other side. And that's when I sort of entered back into what felt like that hamster wheel of life again. And I thought, Man, you know, I thought I was over this part, I thought that I was done with this hamster wheel, I really thought that it was, that was done for me.

But it wasn't. And so, you know, this is the the highs and lows of life. And this is the beautiful part of the journey is that I actually don't think that there's ever an end to this process. You know, I think that we grow and we evolve, and there's always something more that we can be striving for. And it is when we get lacks it is when we get lazy, it's when we think that we can just, you know, kind of kick our feet back. And we don't have to do the work anymore, that things begin to shift. And I know that became really true for me. So I got into this new position with this new bank, I was still making really good money. But the environment shifted drastically. I was so used to having a team that I loved, I was so used to having a mentor and someone who was helping to guide me and we were building something amazing together, I was so used to that environment, that when I moved on to this new role, that was not the case, the environment was very, very different. And the environment in financial, the financial advising space can be very cutthroat. So if you can imagine, and this doesn't true for every single financial advisor, every single bank or every single investment firm, that's, you know, that's not what I'm saying. But in my experience, it can be very cutthroat, it's very much so kind of dog a dog, and everyone is out for themselves. And so I realized that again, once I left the beautiful environment that we had created before that. So I started to really kind of, you know, start to think about again, is this the industry that I want to be in, I really started to question that because of that, and that that new shift that took place. So it became a bit too much to handle at that specific Corporation because of the lack of leadership. In my opinion. I also very much so felt like, as a woman, you are the outlier in our industry, it's very much a male dominated industry. And so there are certain people in positions of power, who will look down for you down on you, because you're a woman, I mean, that's just the way that it is. And so, in this environment, I was not comfortable with that, because I knew that I knew what I was doing. I was doing what I was doing for long enough, and I was very good at what I was doing. I you know, at the prior firm, I want all kinds of awards, I want all kinds of trips, you know, I was one of their top producers, and I very much so embodied that. And I knew that I was good at my job. And so I wasn't really going to take that level of what I thought at the time to be disrespect because of the fact that I am I am a woman. So I ended up deciding to move on to another even larger firm in the area. And it was a good thing. That was a really good thing for me. And I stayed there for a couple years. But one of the things that really shifted while I was there is that I decided to hire a coach. And the reason I decided decided to hire a coach was because I knew that I strived for excellence. When I had that accountability. I knew that when I had someone that was holding me accountable, someone that was guiding me, someone that was encouraging me along the way that I got tremendous results in my life. And so it was a couple mentors that I've had through the years that did it as their role before but this is where I said, You know what, I'm going to bring someone in I'm going to pay someone to help me to guide me to allow for me to step into the highest version of me because I knew that's when I was most aligned. And so, at this point when I decided to hire a coach, we were going after a really big goal. At the new firm that I was that and so just to kind of paint the picture of the way that this look just, I went from, you know, five years prior, never hitting a six figure year to this place where I was going after a six figure month. And I ended up hitting a massive, massive goal as a result of working with this coach. And it really showed me that I could create whatever eight, whatever I desire in my life, and anything was possible. For me, sometimes what happens is, we try to use the same information that we have to get us to the next level in life. And what I mean by that is, we think that what got us here is going to get us there. But I believe that it was Albert Einstein that said that we cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that we use to create it. So what a coach does is they allow for us to see outside the box, they provide us with different perspective, they help us to dig deeper and see something called blind spots in our lives that we can't actually see, a lot of times we are looking with, you know, through life with these blinders on with these filters on. And we'll talk more about that in future episodes. But it's very important for us to take those blinders off, especially if we're going to go after goals that we've never seen before. And so this is really when things shifted internally for me, because I realized, how can crew when I was when I had someone there, cheering me along, and showing me the way and helping me to see outside the box and giving me different perspectives, and helping me break the patterns in my life that I couldn't even see. You know, because sometimes we're so close to the pattern, sometimes we're so close to the habits that we've created in our lives, it becomes part of our identity, it becomes part of who we just believe that we are. And the truth is that we can actually recreate ourselves at any time, because we're the ones who had the power to create whoever it was that we believe that we were before. So why would we not think we have the power to recreate ourselves? Right. And so this is where I started to recognize, holy crap. I have been mentoring people helping people grow in my role I was in a leadership position for over a decade at this point. And I thought, Man, what if I were able to help people on a larger scale, not just with coaching and mentoring in the financial advising space, right, and a big part of my role there was coaching and mentoring this staff, you know, the the bank staff, the different people in the branches, you know, I was helping them achieve their goals. But what if I could even take this further and expand it and help people the way that I've been helped by other coaches and mentors, because I know how life changing that was for me. So that's when I made the decision that I wanted to look at becoming a coach. I wanted to look at how could I help other people get to that next level in whatever area of life that they wanted? Not just what, you know, the the corporation that I was working for, sort of confined me to. So I went on to decide I went on to actually get certified as a high performance coach through Brendon Burchard. And Brendan is someone that I met through? Well, I was first introduced to Brandon, by a friend of mine that I met at this bank. And so we went to one of his personal development events called the growth summit when we were still allowed to go to these big events right before COVID. And that was one of the most life changing experiences for me. I mean, I got to see there was Brendan mushara and Les Brown was there and I have a story about meeting Les Brown, which we'll talk about in another episode. I manifested a one on one on one meeting with him, which was one of the best experiences of my life.

So Les Brown was there. Jean grassy OC was there. Rachel Hollis was there. Trent Shelton was there if you guys don't know any of these names, look them up. They are social media influencers, people who are motivational speakers and some of the best in the industry. So I got the opportunity to just see how people were inspiring an encouraging people for a living, and this is what they did. And I was so fired up by that. And that's when I decided to go on and get certified as a coach. So I went through Brendan's, it's called a certified high performance coach, I went through the certification week, I flew out to California, which was a life changing thing in and of itself, I got certified, I met some of the most amazing people ever. I came back home and I started practicing. But then I realized something, there was a whole new level of what we call in this industry baggage that I had never addressed before. And essentially, you guys are going to hear me talk a lot about baggage in this podcast. So I just want you to know what that actually means. So baggage, as it relates to the personal development industry is negative emotions, limiting decisions and limiting beliefs pretty much that's a good synopsis of what it is. So by what I mean by limiting beliefs is, you know, I was an employee for 15 years at this point. So I always had someone telling me what to do and when to do it. And then I go on to become a coach, where I was extremely happy with the certification, I was so excited to go back and help people. But I had no idea what I was doing, right? Because now I've got to go from an employee, to an entrepreneur mindset. These are totally different mindsets, by the way, if anyone else has ever made this shift, and ever decided that they were going to start a business, you know, on top of what it is that they were doing. I mean, aren't there a tremendous amount of things that that came up for you? I know that there were for me. So all of this imposter syndrome started coming up, who am I to be able to help people? Who am I to be able to start my business? Who am I? Why would I want to to leave this, you know, job and corporate America where I was making all this money? And why would you want to do any of that? Why would you want to go off like you're safe over here. And I remember all of these things coming up for me. But I knew inside, that I was being pulled for something greater.

And I knew inside that this was my dharma. And what Dharma means is the reason that you're put on this earth, okay, and I actually got full body chills when I said that, and I always get full body chills, when I know that God is, is affirming something in my life. So I still get the chills today, because I know that I'm actually living my purpose now. And so it was such a difficult and scary transition, though, because I was fully fully convinced that I was meant to be doing exactly what it is that I was going after doing. And I'm not going to say that it went, I jumped immediately into my business. And, you know, started making as much money as I made in corporate, or that I started making, you know, six figures, seven figures, like I didn't do any of that. That's not how it started off. And so I actually went up and down and up and down, trying to fight this imposter syndrome, trying to fight some of these things and questioning myself. So I was still working for the man, I was still working in corporate America, while I was trying to build my business on the side. And I know that that's common for a lot of people. And I've always wanted to be very prudent, financially, because I have seen some of the worst things from a financial standpoint, you know, ever. And so I know what it takes to be financially successful. And so I've always tried to practice those things. And for me, I knew that before I was ever going to leave the corporate world and pursue my passion full time that I was going to have to have a significant amount of money save to be able to do that so that I had something to fall back on in the event that things take a while to get up and running. And I'm so glad that I did that. So if anyone is in this position now, my advice to you is if you're looking to leave your job and you want to start to pursue your passion, you know, have a good amounts of money saved, they say six to 12 months is what you shouldn't have as a backup of savings. And I know that might sound Unlike a lot, but trust me, when you are taking some time to overcome these internal shifts that need to take place for you to be able to reach the goals that you desire, you're going to need that. And see, this is actually why this podcast is going to be geared towards a lot of mindset, there's going to be a lot of strategy here and how to elevate your life as well. And I think that the mindset shifts are what we really don't necessarily recognize, are actually in our way. And so I definitely struggled for a while.

And I even questioned whether or not being the coach is actually what I really should have been doing. I tried going into the network marketing space for a while as well, which that kind of gave me the coaching role, I was able to help people. And I at the end decided that that wasn't for me. So it was really just one of those things that I just went up and down. And I couldn't figure out what it was, I was like searching for that thing that was going to help me to be able to finally give myself permission to do what it was that I was being called to do. And it wasn't until I was introduced to the world of NLP. So anyone who has a background in nlp, nlp stands for neuro linguistic programming. And essentially one of my best friends and her husband had gone through all different levels of training and in this and essentially, if you think if you look back to NLP, what it actually is, okay, neuro has to do with the brain linguistic has to do with the language and programming has to do with how our language, okay, affects our brain patterns by programming ourselves. Okay, so we have the ability to program ourselves, we have been programmed, okay, even if you think of like, TV is programming, right? If you put a program on the television, right, they don't even like try to hide the fact that it's programming. So, you know, things that are programming are essentially anything that we allow into our unconscious mind. And so what I did not recognize that I recognize today is that, essentially, when we're growing up, and I think that we talked a little bit about this on the first episode, but when we're growing up from the ages of zero to seven, that's when you are being that's when your unconscious mind is most susceptible to outside programming. So what does that mean? Well, the way that I like to explain it to people now that I've gone on to become what's called a master practitioner of neuro linguistic programming, I've gone on to do future trainings and, and really understand the unconscious mind and how it affects our daily habits. And we'll talk more about that. But I realized that that piece of it is what was missing for me, I did not recognize that my programs were running in the background, and they were actually stopping me from hitting my goals. So going back to, you know, the ages of zero to seven, here's the way that I like to explain it. It's almost like when you're born, there's a GoPro attached to your forehead. Think of the GoPro as your unconscious mind. So the GoPro you go through life, in your unconscious mind from the very moment that you're born is recording everything. Okay? The idea is that it's trying to learn how to be in the world, you don't even have what's called a conscious mind until about the age of seven. Most studies will say. So what that means is you're just kind of recording everything around you. That's why they say children are like sponges, you're recording everything that's going on around you to learn how to be in the world. This is why they say that, you know, most of the time. If someone has if there are parents who are, let's say, Democrats, their children will be Democrats. If the parents are Republican, their children will be Republican. If their parents are Christians, their children will be Christians. If their parent if the parents are poor, their children will stay poor. You get the picture, right. If they're rich, they'll say rich. This is why because essentially, the way that it works is from the time that we're zero to the time that we're seven, we are learning all of the things Then are going to run our lives for the rest of our lives. And I forget who it was that set it, I'll have to look it up. But it says, Give me a man until he's the age of seven. And I will own him for life. And the reason that this quote is sad is again, for that very reason. If you program, it's kind of like a computer, right? If you download a program to a computer, it's going to run on that program automatically, you're not going to have to shift things, you're not gonna have to do things to change it, it's just going to be programmed that way. And so, studies actually show that about 95% of our actions and behaviors as adults are based on that subconscious program that was placed by the age of seven. Let that sink in for a second, because that's pretty huge. And many of you may be like me, when I first heard that, and I say, Oh, shit, I'm screwed here. Right? Like, I'm absolutely screwed if that's the case, because I grew up with a very poverty mindset program. I grew up with all of these limiting beliefs, these limiting decisions, all of this chaos, around money, that money is the root of all evil, and money causes stress. And, you know, we're not like the rich people, you know, all of the things, all of the stories and what happens is this program, specifically as it relates to money, that's a lot about that's a lot of what I teach now is how to rewire your money mindset, in addition to other things, but specifically as it relates to money, what those limiting beliefs, those limiting decisions, what all of that story creates is your money story. And the way to find out your money story is just what are some of the things that you say about money? When you think about money, when you think about your future and your goals? And what it is that you want to create in the world? What is your what comes up for you? Or do you even think about your cause? Do you even think about what you want to create in the future? Are you so consumed with your financial situation today? That you don't even have the opportunity to think about that. That's called your money story. And in future episodes, we're going to dive in to how to identify your money story, and then also had to rewrite your money story because that's a really big piece of it. If we don't rewrite our money story, if we just continue to allow the program to run, it will show up. Okay. And even if you're like me, where you went from essentially having no money to making lots of money, okay. I thought that I was past all of that. I thought that I rewrote my money story. Because in the corporate world, I went and made a lot of money, okay. And I didn't actually recognize how messed up my money story and my money program was, until I wanted to become an entrepreneur. So sometimes it actually doesn't show up right away. Because while I was in corporate America, my money story was that if I just work hard, I'll make money. And that actually became true. That was what he what that was one of my biggest money beliefs, is that hard work equals money. So I worked really, really hard work for the man. And I made lots of money. Okay, so that actually rang very, very true. But when I stepped into becoming an entrepreneur, what I actually realized was that I don't want to work myself to the bone. I saw all these other people being very successful without working hard. And again, through the years, I recognized and realized a couple things. The first one was the people that I saw with the most money. Were always entrepreneurs, they were always business owner. So I always always knew I'm talking like, more money than we can even fathom. Okay, and I've met and dealt with celebrities, athletes, professional athletes, people of a very high income caliber. And there were entrepreneurs, local business owners who had way more money than those people did. Okay, so I've seen lots and lots of money in my lifetime. Okay. And so, when I recognize that, I realized that becoming an entrepreneur was something that was going to allow for me to do what it was that I love to create my passion to do what it was that God was calling me to Do but also, hey, look at all these other entrepreneurs, they're living a life that they've designed, how can I get there? And see, the biggest disconnect is that if I, if my belief if my unconscious belief was that hard work equals money, and I want to go over here and become an entrepreneur, I'm going to be working like crazy. And go back on that hamster wheel of life, if I want to create the kind of income that I want to create. So I knew that that was a disconnect for me once I started diving in to deeper understandings of how the unconscious mind works. And I did this through learning more about neuro linguistic programming, diving into the unconscious mind, I've taken all kinds of, at this point, I've done hundreds of hours of studying this information. And so and become a master practitioner in it as well, which just allows for me to now go and use this information with not only myself, myself first, because I've got to let go of all of my baggage, I've got to let go of all of my limiting decisions, my limiting beliefs, before I can help someone else. Because I don't believe that you can help someone with something that you don't know how to do, right. Like, if you don't know how to build a house, you're not gonna be able to tell someone else how to build a house, it's just not, it's not logical. So I had to learn all of that. And that was actually the biggest shift that needed to take place for me, so that I could fulfill my Dharma, make the kind of money that I desired, while helping people in the process to make the kind of impact as well as the kind of income that I desired. So what I decided at the end of 2019, was that I could no longer do what it was that I wanted to do build my business while I was working in corporate America. So what ended up happening is, by this time, my prior mentor, Mike, who you guys have heard about already had created a very successful business.

So I told you, he went off to start his own while he co founded a company with another individual. And we had been in conversation this whole time for these couple of years, probably two or three years by this point. And we decided to reconnect, I said, I no longer I still love what I do in the financial advising space. I love it. I love helping people with that I'm very good at it. I want to continue to do that. But I also know that I have other passions that I want to pursue as well. I want to help people as a coach, I want to help people reprogram their mindset, I want to help people do the same things that I've been able to do, so that they can also create whatever level of success in their life that they desire. And so what I decided to do was quit my corporate job, and join Mike, as well as other partner in their independent financial advising firm. So that I could still help my clients with retirement and investment planning, which is what I do by day, right. And then I could also have more free time, so be able to go and pursue my passion. And so that's where I sit today. And it is March 2021. So I've been at this about a year and a half now. And I cannot express to you how much alignment that I get to experience every single day. Now, as a result, I love what I do by day, I love helping those clients. And we specifically work with retirees, helping them retire comfortably, helping them live the life that is on their terms in retirement, helping them understand the risks that retirees face and the whole nine. So I love that I stay in that lane. I absolutely love what I do over there. And what I get to do every single day on the other side with my business is I get to help people create and develop the mindset of the wealthy individuals that I know that they want to step into eventually, because that's exactly what I needed to do in order to get where I am today. And so why that is important is because I've been doing retirement and investment planning for quite some time. And when you recognize and realize that, you know, you've seen people who are able to retire on their terms, able to live comfortably able to live the life that they desire, able to go and travel Well, again, prior to COVID, but you know, able to live whatever life it is that they desire in retirement. And then I've seen the opposite end of that as well, which is the people who, unfortunately, are now on a fixed income and they can't afford their bills, their houses are being repossessed in retirement, they are dying of, you know, stress induced illnesses, because they can't live life on their terms, and they don't have enough to live comfortably. And maybe they can't work anymore because of health or other reasons. So my goal, and my mission is to get to people way before that, help them to reset their mindset for abundance, right to train their brain, for abundance, to train their brain for stress reduction, to train their brain, for healthy lifestyles. And this is what I mean by elevating your life, getting to that next level in life, because I know that our soul wants more, it did not come to this earth, we do not come here to go to school to work for the man for you know, 30 to 40 years working 40 plus hours a week living paycheck to paycheck struggling every single day to then retire. And on average, don't quote me on this, but I believe this statistic is on average Six years later, meaning that people actually retire and on average die Six years later. So there's going to be people who you may know that have lived 30 and 40 years in retirement, I know those people as well. I also know those people who have retired, and one month later they passed away. So that's where we get the average from, okay. And it's very, very sad, because ultimately, people spend their whole life trying to get to this next place, and they never actually get there. So how can we learn to elevate our lives today? How can we learn to get to the place where we're happy today? How can we get to the place where we're fulfilled today, without waiting until maybe a day that's never going to come? Hopefully it does, right? But ultimately, we don't know, we don't know what the future is going to hold. And so that is my mission. And that's why I'm here. And that's why I'm qualified to be talking to you guys today. Because now I live a life where I am living on my terms, I get up every single day. And I do what it is that fulfills me. I get to start my day, with whatever I choose. And I'll talk to you guys about a powerful morning routine that I've been able to create over the last few years that's allow me to propel to this place as well. Because if you can win the morning, you can win the day. And so I start my day with powerful, powerful routines that allow for me to continue to create and co create my reality. So I get to do what it is that I want to do every single day I set my own schedule, I work with clients that I love. Now, I'm not forced to work with anyone, I only take on clients that I want to take on that I feel aligned with. And I love my clients. I love my clients in both of my businesses, I love my clients, I get to work with people that that I feel aligned with. And I get to make an abundant living doing it. And for me, I never ever thought that this was possible 510 years ago. And so that's why I say to you guys, you can create even levels of success that you don't have any idea possible for you. If you only knew if you could only take the blinders off and actually see what it is that is in store for you. You would not be settling today, you would not be settling today, if you could see what was in store for you. If you only let go of the things that are holding you back. You would not settle. So the whole idea behind creating this podcast is to help you take off those blinders help you take off those filters help you to see from a bigger perspective, that if it is possible for one person, it is possible for the next. And I mean that I believe that wholeheartedly that it is possible for you. And I'm here to help to show you how to create the mindset shifts in order to make whatever you feel like is not possible in your life possible for you. Because I believe in you and I believe that each Every person has the ability to do that. And even if you only have, you know, faith the size of a mustard seed. That's enough. That's enough to spark what it is that we're going to go after during this journey together. So let that spark be enough to light the flame so that you're ready to move forward and continue on this journey of elevating your life. Thank you so much for tuning in today, and I can't wait to catch you in the next episode. Bye guys. Thank you so much for tuning in to this entire episode today. If you enjoyed this podcast, Would you do me a favor and leave a quick review. This allows me to reach more people. And if you found value, others will too. Also, be sure to share this episode with your loved ones because I believe that when one of us rises, we all rise. And if you're looking to connect on a deeper level than this podcast can allow, consider joining my brand new elevate you inner circle free Facebook community so we can elevate even higher together. Let's continue to rise. I'll see you next time.


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