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Who am I and why am I qualified to be here?


Hello, and welcome to the very first episode of The Elevate U with Rebekah Podcast. I am so excited to have you here, I just want you to take a second to honor yourself for making this decision to press play today, you probably saw that the Elevate U Podcast is all about getting to that next level in life.

I just wanted you to take a moment and acknowledge yourself, because you being here just means that you are growing, you being here means that you are ready to get to that next level, that you are ready to do what it takes to create the life that you desire. So honor yourself for that, because not everybody spends the time in the personal development space that they need to. Not everybody spends the time investing their time in themselves, to be able to learn and grow. And you are doing that just by being here. So just take a second to honor yourself, acknowledge yourself for being here. And I am so excited to dive into this journey with you.


So the Elevate U Podcast was...

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